Aubrey Carmichaels despises the meaningless nature of his boring, mediocre existence in the suburbs of South Australia. Year by torturous year he suffers the crushing imprisonment of his school and home life, desperately wanting an escape from the everyday.

He soon gets his wish, and is thrust unexpectantly into the battle against an ancient, nefarious evil. As Aubrey falls deeper and deeper into supernatural intrigue, and forges an alliance with the secret society sworn to combat the forces of the dark, he develops personal power and responsibilty far greater then he could have ever imagined.

However, Aubrey soon discovers that the greatest fight is for one's own soul, and he is torn between satisfying the raging beast of his insatiable selfishness and greed, or fulfilling his duty in the newfound world of the elite.

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  • fantasy young adult sci-fi fiction
    Language: English / Published: 26 November 2012


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    Andrew William Rapisarda

    I've lived in Adelaide my entire life, a Southron in Australia I have always been. I like to write, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Perhaps you should buy my book, and see for yourself. I'm a fiction author, and I've rececently completed my first full-length novel, "He Who Walked Between Two Worlds." I have another novel in the making, a fantasy/cyberpunk called "Hopeless Heroes." That one's going to take a while, just read HWWBTW in the meantime.

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